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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seducing a virgin sister

Seducing a virgin sister

By: karthi

Hi Readers,I am karthi from coimbatore.i am working near to coimbatore.this was the story about how i was seduced my sister sree.i am a fair guy with Average body. I think this much introduction is enough for me.I am from a middle class Traditional family. There speaking about sex is prohibited strictly. This was happen on the 1st day of 2008.i was very much interested to know about sex at that time one of my friend introduced this site. After reading this site. I become a great fan for this site. After reading the sex stories and watching blue films (in my office with friends) I become very horny. I was planned to fuck somebody. In this time my sister was came in my mind. I had planned to fuck her. One of the day I was chatted with her that time we discussed all the topics including sex.i told her I want to test my self. She asked what. I told whether I am capable to satisfy a girl or not. She asked for that what I want to do. I asked her weather you have any friend for this .she said no. Then I said if u have willing means no problem for that she was resisted and advised don’t do this with me. This is for your wife only. So don’t do this with any of other girls. I Replied her if u has willing means tell otherwise I have to search a good prostitute for this. After long time of convinces finally she accepted for this. Finally we planned for this on1st day of new year2008. Then the New Year cames.and she also came to my place. Then we discussed this matter for a while. This time also she started to advice and finally we convinced and she asked why u r looking me leave it all and lets start the session. Then I took her face in my hands .i looked her eyes for a while. While looking her eyes I slowly moved my lips to her lips. After a minute she also started to respond for me. I inserted my tongue in to her mouth and I sucked her tongue and her lip. After a deep kiss I cupped her breast with both my hands. Then I started to fondle her nipples and squeezing her breast over her churidhar.she was closed her eyes and enjoying all this. Then I slowly moved her to the bed. There I removed her tops. Oh god what a pair of melons she had. I started to suck her nipples over the brace and I am madly kissing and licking her chest and her face. After kissing and sucking her breast over the brace I removed that also.

There I was stunned to see her pair of beautiful melons. They are jumped out of her brace. Then I took her right melon in my hand and started to suck while squeezing and fondling another one. After licking and sucking of her breast I removed her churidhar pant and her panty also. There an honey point is waiting eagerly to gulp my cock.Then she was removed my dress and then I also become nude. She took my 6” cocking her hand .she started to move her hands over my cock then she too it in to her mouth.ohh. What a great feeling. I was fully enjoying this. Then she sucked me fully I told her to stop before I am coming.Then we took 69 positions and I was sucking her honey point she was enjoying this with a pain and pleasure. She was moaning and screaming loudly. Then I took her legs on my shoulder and pointed my 6 inch cock in to her pussy.i pleaded kiss on her lips and started to insert my cock in to her pussy. With one push my half of the dick was gone inside her pussy. She was crying and trying to stop me. Then I hold for a minute to her to come to normal. I rhythm moving my cock in and out her pussy.after some time I was started to fuck her fast. She was shouting to fuck her. She is saying fuck me fuck me fuck my pussy hard. She was a virgin so that the pussy was too hard. I came to know I cant able to hold more then I said my sweet I am coming. She also reached her orgasms thrice in that time. She replied I also reached my extreme orgasms. Pls load your cum in to my pussy .we both came finally and we slept for a while in same position. At last I asked her whether I am capable or not. She happily replied

You are very strong and have more stamina. You tore my pussy. Truly I enjoyed a lot with you then she again started to another game. For whole day I fucked her and we enjoyed a lot at that day.

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